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Basketball Player

Zoe First Basketball SeasonIn the summer of 2003, Zoe played her first basketball, in the Deer Valley YMCA summer league. Zoe’s tried many sports since her first basketball season, but she never found a sport she liked better.  After many seasons playing on competitive coed YMCA teams, it was time to move on and venture into the girls club basketball scene.

The first team she played for was the Fuzion – a small team that disbanded a few months after Zoe joined them.  Next up was the AZ Wildfire – a more established club who fielded multiple teams in different age divisions.  The club practiced at South Mountain High School, 30 miles from home, but loyalty and good coaching by Gregg Byron and Kisha Gwyn kept Zoe coming back.

Heading into high school, Zoe made an big impression on the coach of the Mountain Ridge Lady Lions, Robert Henige.  She played on JV and Varsity teams that first summer, and things were looking like she’d be a destined for the varsity team her in her first high school year.  Unfortunately Coach Henige resigned before school started and a new coach, Bob Smith, was named just before the basketball season started.  Zoe did make varsity her freshman year, along with two other freshman.  Zoe saw a few minutes per game her freshman year and was the only freshman player from her class to never play on junior varsity.  Zoe continues to improve her basketball skills and leadership on her high school team, becoming a regular starter her sophomore year and a team captain her Junior year.  The current coaching staff of Ryan Pletnick, Jason Fleegle and Bob Mackenzie, have relied heavily on Zoe to help rebuild the Mountain Ridge girls basketball program with her elite basketball skills and drive to win.

Zoe doe Michael Jordan pose

In the spring after Zoe’s freshman year, she tried out for and made the Elite 17u AZ Rebels team that her elder teammate Alexa Jacobs played for.  Zoe is now in her third & last summer with the Rebels.  She’ll be making her 3rd trip to Oregon for another Nike End of Trails tournament, as well as Las Vegas, Anaheim and San Diego.  She’s also traveled to Chicago and numerous locations in California for Elite girls basketball tournaments.

After high school Zoe wants to attend a four year university that will offer quality basketball and a pre-med education she can roll into Pharmacy studies in graduate school.

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